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AOL is the American MNC that has been conveying E-Mail and advanced correspondence administrations for 3 decades now. It was established in May 1985 is as yet going solid. It is a free web-based email service provided by AOL and a division of Verizon Communications. Earlier AOL name was the AIM and AIM which stands for AOL Instant Messenger.


 AOL mail service is another such attempt of AOL to endow web email services to its users. This mail service combines its name in an already existing list of AOL email service providers. AOL mail also launched another significant characteristic for a better establishment. AOL or AIM (Instant Messenger) was launched in the 2012 year which endowed a refreshing glance to AOL email box login services.Contact AOL Customer Service if facing problem-related to AOL services.


What is AOL Tech Support? 


AOL Tech support team is here for solving all your issues. If you are an AOL user and you are facing any issue related to panda antivirus then our technical experts are here for resolving all your issue. For any issue, you can contact us on our helpline number. 


Features of AOL:-


  • Email attachment size in AOL  

The size of email attachment size can be up to 25MB in size which is according to Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail (now known as Outlook Mail).Email attachment size in AOL 

  • Email organization 

AOL contains labels, but they usually prefer organizing email messages in folders. AOL has features of creating customized folders quite like Yahoo and Hotmail. It really helps in sorting out messages in the inbox and storing them as per requirements.  

  • Filters and automated email sorting  

If anybody has not used AOL filters, then they missed out on a lot of convenience and time savings. Filters have the ability to sort incoming messages into folders. Any other email service has not this type of feature.


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  • POP and IMAP access for free  

They are the most important protocols which have the ability to download email messages by using standalone programs. When the messages are stored on your machine, they are available even without an internet connection.  

  • Themes  

It has the ability to customize it according to the webmail interface using the available themes.  


If you are facing any issue related to AOL. Then AOL Support provides assistance to you in order to resolve your issue. Our technical experts will assist all the problems related to AOL.